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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Why Piccolo?

I picked up baking again only during my 2nd pregancy. I'm not sure why but I liked fiddling in the kitchen. I wasn't a serious baker so when I set up my own kitchen, I got myself a small toaster oven. When I said small, I meant really small. I can only squeeze 16 pineapple tarts in 1 tray and baking tin of 7 inch was the ideal size for the oven. Though small, it served me really well. I was able to bake 20 cakes to give away for Ah Boy's first month celebration. I toiled throughout the night just to have pineapple tarts for Chinese New Year. With this oven, I found my joy in baking, which I never realised when I was younger. I have my bigger oven now but this dame is still has a place in my kitchen. And since 'Piccolo' meant 'Little One' in Italian, I chose this name to remind me of the humble beginnings. Besides, I'm doing what I do for my little ones, thus 'Piccolo' is also a reminder for me to never lose sight of this.

It has always been my dream to own a cafe with my sisters; serving cakes baked by S and coffee, by me. A 1 year stint at a Japanese cafe during school days, working at the coffee siphon counter triggered my love for coffee. Or should I say, inhaling the perfume day in and day out got me addicted to coffee? While the cafe remains a dream, I found my interest in cake decorating along the way. I started out decorating cakes in November 2007. I did not have the resources to attend classes but I love to read. I like to find out how things work and no doubt, the books, especially the web provides alot more than what I had expected. Without the generous sharing of these individuals, I would not have learnt the know-hows to decorate the cakes. I am still learning and I have no certificates to show. As such, I do not consider myself qualified enough to teach. I thank those who think I am and those who took the leap of faith and placed orders with me. I hope that the cakes I have made are up to par. I thank you for all your support for without it, I would not have made progress and I could not do more for my children.

This blog is mainly to showcase the cakes that I have made so far for your easy reference. Some pictures may be difficult to locate in my main blog @ All That Matters. So, please bear with me while I upload the picture by theme. I would like to thank PG for her effort to design the logo for Piccolo Yogashiten. Although in the end, I decided to do it myself, I really appreciate her input.

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