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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Ingredients

All cakes are baked with fresh ingredients. Ingredients like eggs, fresh fruits, milk and cream are purchased as and when I need them. I do not use preservatives or emulsifiers.

By default, I use these ingredients, listed in alphabetical order.

Butter : I use pure butter in my buttercakes and buttercream. I do not use margarine or shortening for baking.

Colouring : Edible colour gels or edible pen ink are used only in decoration. Do note that some cartoon characters (well, most) have strong colours. I strive to make them as close as possible. If you have an issue with coloured tongue, you might want to alert me beforehand. However, you have to be able to accept the outcome of the cake. Also, excessive colouring will result in a bitter frosting. Prior to your order confirmation, I will advise you.

Corn Oil : It is used for my sponge cakes.

Flavouring : I do use Vanilla Essence for vanilla cakes. For chocolate cakes, I use Valrhona Cocoa Powder. As for other cakes like orange and lemon, I will use the zest for flavouring. I do not offer other flavoured sponge/butter cake like strawberry or mango unless requested but do keep in mind that they are artificial. For mint cake, Creme de Menthe is added to the frosting only.

Flour : Low gluten wheat flour.

Fondant : I make my own Marshmallow Fondant. Flavoured with lemon oil or mint only upon request.

Frosting : Non dairy whipped cream is used for its stability. Dairy whipped cream is available upon request. For chocolate ganache, 55% Cocoa is used. 70% Cocoa is available upon request but subjected to surcharge.

Milk : Low Fat Milk is used.

Mousse : Gelatin and dairy whipped cream is used.

Sugar : I use pure cane sugar.

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